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Crediton Methodist Church | Crediton Methodist Church, Union Road, Crediton, EX17 3AW

Description of Job

We’re looking for an experienced youthwork specialist who will build on existing youthwork provision whilst undertaking a research project to develop a new emotional wellbeing and resilience programme for young people.

Over the past six years, the Crediton Methodist Church Youth Work Project has established a full programme of youth activities, including an open access youth café open 3 times weekly, the offer of regular mentoring with individuals, a health drop-in and contribution to PSHE with the local academy, detached work twice weekly in Crediton, and a faith based spiritual programme with the young people who worship with us.

We are now looking to create a new two-year programme which will maintain and enhance our current delivery and undertake a research project to develop a new emotional wellbeing and resilience programme for young people in Crediton. Covid-19, and the impact that has had on young people in the town, has given an additional urgency to our desire to implement the project. It is intended that the second year will provide opportunities to trial new provision to support mental health so that a further three-year project can be designed and implemented.

Crediton is a small, friendly market town in beautiful, rural mid Devon. There is a strong commitment to youth well-being within the town and support for youth activities, including this project, from a number of local agencies including the town council.

So, we’re looking for someone who has excellent time management, as this will be a demanding role! But more importantly, we need someone who is passionate about helping young people to explore who they are and to reach their full potential, both within a Christian context, and within a wider community setting.

You’ll need to be creative and a self-starter, although we’re planning to be as supportive as we possibly can be to make your role a success. There is already a group of young leaders, who have come through the project, a dedicated youth work management group, sessional workers and our minister, so we won’t be expecting you to achieve success all by yourself!

How to apply for the job

Send completed application form by email to:
or by post to: CMC Youthworker Applications, Crediton Methodist Church, Crediton, Devon, EX17 3AW

More information available on

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