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Mission Shaped Living

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This summer we are releasing a brand new church and small group resource, Mission Shaped Living, and have some great offers on pre-orders. 

Recognising that society has shifted and the way mission was done in the past is no longer effective, Mission Shaped Living is more than a toolbox of ‘how to do evangelism’.

It will build spiritual practices, vision, hope and confidence so that sharing God’s love with others becomes a joy and not a burden. Written by John McGinley (Associate Vicar at Holy Trinity Leicester and part of our National Leadership team), it's a resource designed to help us develop in discipleship and grow in confidence to reach and bless our communities.

Mission Shaped Living comes highly recommended by our National Leader, Paul Harcourt, who says, 'Full of wisdom, practical tools, and grounded in prayerful dependency on the Holy Spirit - a great resource to equip us for everyday discipleship and a more missional lifestyle'.