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Family Time

What is Family Time?

Family Time is a collection of resources providing tools, practical advice and support to parents of children and teenagers. The aim is to empower parents to move from simply surviving family life to being proactive in leading families that are not only strong in themselves but also seek to make a difference in the communities in which they live. Family Time is based on Christian principles, and aims to equip and envision every parent, whether Christian or not, to deal with the many issues they come up against in family life.

Pioneered by Mark and Lindsay Melluish, Family Time was first launched as a book in 1999. This was republished Family Time: Parenting Children in 2007, and the 6-week course was released on DVD in November 2009. Family Time: Parenting Teenagers is also a six-session course available as a book as well as on DVD. It was developed by Paul and Christine Perkin and provides an opportunity for parents to connect with other parents facing similar issues through the teenage years.

Running a course

The Family Time courses present churches with a unique opportunity to build bridges into local communities and meet parents at their point of need. They're ideal for use in your local church or school, or anywhere else where you have a community of parents. A typical evening begins with a talk, followed by refreshments and then discussion groups. All the course material is free to download, but you are encouraged to take some time to plan each session in advance, incorporating your own examples and experiences.

Don't forget to register your course with the National Parenting Initiative.

Course Material

Parenting Children

Leader's GuideLeader's Guide
Session 1: A vision for the familyNotes     Powerpoint
Session 2: Communicating loveNotes     Powerpoint
Session 3: Who is influencing my children?Notes     Powerpoint
Session 4: Family valuesNotes     Powerpoint
Session 5: Guiding, shaping, boundariesNotes     Powerpoint
Session 6: Modelling love and respectNotes     Powerpoint

Parenting Teenagers

Leader's GuideLeader's Guide
Session 1: The Teenage Universe - 'A Galaxy far, far away'Notes     Powerpoint
Session 2: Teenage Communication - 'On the Radar Screen'Notes     Powerpoint
Session 3: Teenage Growth - 'Built to Last'Notes     Powerpoint
Session 4: Teenage Tensions - 'Boundaries and Battlefields'Notes     Powerpoint
Session 5: Teenage Issues - 'Security, Sex and Substances'Notes     Powerpoint
Session 6: Teenage Pressures - 'Consumerism, Cash and Cyberspace'Notes     Powerpoint

New Parents Course

Course HandbookNotes
Intro and Session 1Notes
Session 2Notes
Session 3Notes


Course Resources

All resources are available to buy through the Shop.


Packs of invitations and posters are available to buy, which will help you advertise your course. They provide space to enter times, dates and contact details, and also include a generic application form. The invitations also give an overview of a typical course.


This is for delegates to use throughout the course. Each chapter accompanies one of the sessions of the course, providing all you need to work through the issues raised by the course and accompanying book, including exercises, scenarios and discussion points.


All 6 sessions are available to buy on DVD. This takes the pressure to plan and prepare talks off small groups or busy parents - just press play! You can gather parents together informally, over coffee or after a meal and watch at your leisure. It's an interactive resource with individual and group exercises and scenarios to stimulate discussion.


This mines the wisdom that comes to us from the Bible, exploring in a practical way how we can raise our children within the framework of God's liberating, unconditional love. The focus is on the family as a whole: how we relate to one another, as well as how we relate to those around us. It covers all six sessions of the course, offering parents of children and teenagers insightful and practical help.


There is an annual conference for people interested in running either the Parenting Children or Parenting Teenagers course in their local church or community.


If you have any further questions about Family Time, please email or phone 020 8567 6717.

Don't forget to register your Family Time course with us. We'd love to keep you up to date with any news, conferences and new products, as well as advertising your course on the Family Time website.